Mississippi Drowning Victim Found on Beach

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Mississippi Drowning Victim Found on Beach

Post  DHF on Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:51 pm

The beach body found Wednesday morning on the surf line at Beach Access #47 was Tay Elliott.

Beach police say 24-year old Tay Elliott and 3-friends from the New Albany, Mississippi area were all swimming in the Gulf. One of the friends, 19-year-old Mario Waldrop got into trouble.

Elliott and 23-year-old Vasonique Thompson tried to save Waldrop, but they got caught in a rip current as well. Waldrop and Thompson were rescued but Elliott disappeared in the strong rip current.

Elliott's body was found washing ashore at 7:30 AM this morning by a local woman who was taking her morning walk on the beach.

Story Here


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