Jason Aldean Ticketed for Swimming During "Double Reds"

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Jason Aldean Ticketed for Swimming During "Double Reds"

Post  DHF on Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:45 pm

It amazes me how many people can't seem to understand that Double Red Flags means to stay out of the water. No matter who you are.
The county is doing everything they can to save the lives of the tourist and the rescue people who have to pull the distressed or dead person out of the water.
Suck it up Jason. You wasn't the only one that got a ticket. I watched the Sheriff drive from Surf Side to the Whales Tail handing out tickets.
I was glad to see that. What was sad was to see the people get back in the water after he drove down the beach to the next group of people.
I would not feel sorry for them if they drowned after they were told to get out and issued a ticket from the Sheriff. They are the ones I call Dumb Ass.

The lights were flashing and he had to tell them to get out of the water over his loud speaker. They deserved a ticket. It might have actually saved someone's life that day. Who knows, the life they saved may have been yours or the 12 year old boy who was with you.

Jason Adean received in south Walton County Monday.
The country music star was swimming in the Gulf at Grayton Beach Monday afternoon, while double red flags were flying.
So a member of the Walton County sheriff's office gave him a non-criminal citation, fining him 100-dollars.

Afterward Aldean took to Facebook and Twitter, criticizing the Walton County officer, referring to him as Barney Fife. He also said he and the 12-year old boy, who also received a citation, are a little bitter.

His citation is seen by some residents as a good reminder to stay out of the water no matter who you are when the Double Red flags are flying.

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